Managed Elasticsearch inside your AWS
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What is Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a distributed NoSQL document store for realtime search and analytics. It is used by millions of developers and relied on by the Fortune 500 companies.

It's an open-source software that can be either installed manually, through configuration scripts or used via a hosted Elasticsearch service.


For Search

If search is important to you, there are good chances that you are already using Elasticsearch. It can also be used as a fast data store and forms the E in the ELK stack.


Distributed Design

Elasticsearch is built as a distributed layer over Lucene. It has built-in support for scaling, sharding and replication to cover a wide variety of data and scale requirements.



Elasticsearch is popularly used as a hosted service. It can also be manually installed, but optimizing and monitoring for performance, maintaining replicas and keeping backups are hard problems with little reward.

Why Autopilot

Autopilot deploys, manages, and scales Elasticsearch clusters inside your cloud environment so you can focus on building the product.

Best of Hosted and Self-install


Autopilot is an orchestration service that runs on your infrastructure. It enables you to get the best benefits of hosted Elasticsearch without compromising on performance and data security.

Control both Infrastructure and Software


Pick AWS deployment region, instance types, availability zones, security group settings from within Autopilot's dashboard.

Deploy your choice of Elasticsearch, add plugins and monitor your deployment with ease.

Easy to Scale and Manage


Increase nodes, change instance types and disk volume sizes on the fly. Be notified when important events occur.

Coming Soon Deploy beyond AWS and infrastructure migration support.

Kafka high level diagram


Create an IAM user and provide it's access credentials to Autopilot.
Choose Deployment Region, VPC, Subnet(s), Instance Types, Disk Volume.
Configure cluster settings and optionally a logging URL.
Autopilot now automates the entire Elasticsearch cluster deployment life cycle on your behalf.
Use Autopilot dashboard for scaling deployments, monitoring performance. Sit back and enjoy your new found freedom.


Predictive Lead Tracking

Using Autopilot has been like having a specialist inside the team. It's saving us at least 40 hours every month.


Realtime Database API

Autopilot originated out of our needs for a reliable Elasticsearch deployment pipeline. It has helped us consistently provide a 99.99% SLA.